1953 Born in Nagoya city
1980 Ended music activities and moved to Shuri, Okinawa . Formally started learning dyeing (Bingata)
1984 Participated in group exhibitions.Made gifts commemorating Okinawan immigration to Hawaii and South America by request of Okinawa Prefecture.Designed tiles for school buildings
1989 Became the art director for mime shows at the Okinawa Jan Jan Theater
1991 Held a solo exhibition of acrylics and woodblock prints in Naha City
1994 Held a joint exhibition with a classical vocalist in Nago city, Okinawa
1996 Held a solo exhibition of dyeings at Fukuoka's Tamaya Art Gallery
1998 Held a joint exhibition with a potter in art galleries within Daimaru's Fukuoka, Kobe, and Kyoto branches
1999 Held exhibitions in art galleries throughout the Kyushu, Shikoku, Chugoku, and Kansai areas.
2000 Held an exhibition at the Okinawa Ramadal Renaissance Hotel
2006 Held a solo exhibition at the Ozu Washi Paper Gallery in Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2008 Held a solo exhibition and a workshop at the Honolulu Academy of Art's Art Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.
2011 Group exhibition at the Iida Art House, Nagano
2012 Held a solo exhibition and a workshop in Hawaii
2013 March, private exhibition in a tea room at Urasoe Art Museum, Okinawa
2014 July, private exhibition at Swan Café in Ginza, Tokyo
August, private exhibition at Gallery Mu in Shibuya, Tokyo
November, workshop at Allison Café in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo
2015 July Held a solo exhibition at Gallery Mu in Shibuya, Tokyo
September Held a solo exhibition at Space Mu in Momodani,Osaka
2016 September: Workshops at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and another place
2017 September: Solo Exhibition in Chikusa, Nagoya
2018 Due to my surgery for cancer, I postponed and/or cancelled what was scheduled for the year.
2019 May 2019
I held a solo exhibition at Omotesando-garo (gallery) in Tokyo.

June, 2019
I gave a lecture and held workshops at “NIPPON CONNECTION,” which was held in Frankfurt, Germany. (invitation)

Currently focusing on traditional bingata pieces such as costumes for Ryukyu dance, I am also making kimono, obi (belt/sash), interior fabric such as noren (curtain), tapestry and the like, and folding screens using Japanese paper.